Is the world suffering from a Passion deficiency? Why do people think I’m angry?

I have been told my entire life that I need anger management (Youtube). Perhaps this is why I don’t play well with others. You see most people I meet I struggle with. I think this is due to no fault of theirs or my own (Lies). I thoroughly enjoy a conversation with the freaks, the outliers, the crazy’s, the real and the raw. Reason being it always makes for interesting conversations and gives me perspective on people on different paths to my own. I understand that “it’s not everyone’s cup of tea” but “different strokes for different folks“and “It takes all types“. Give me a story about how you destroyed your car (Youtube) and lit it on fire while intoxicated over how well your garden is going any god damn day of the week! OK, I don’t mind hearing about your garden but let’s hear about the fire first then what fertilizer you’re using on your roses or however that conversation goes.


I enjoy stories of what life used to be before the internet and expressing one’s feelings. Not that it’s bad I hope you’re going OK….


I can’t talk, I/we are all victims of easily accessible, on-demand entertainment which keeps us at bay from any threat of vitamin D, pigment, and unintentional exercise. Also, the accidental chance to breathe oxygen that isn’t recycled 22 degrees, pre-carboned monoxed and pre-methaned oxygen that we get in our modern lives. Even I am in no imminent danger of developing the all-conquering melanoma and I worked outside for the last 8 years, not to mention I have 3/4 jungle blood from my mother who came from the deepest regions of gorilla/guerilla territory. You would think I would be at the very least medium rare not this pathetic lightly seared barely worthy of the title colour…colour. (That’s me attempting to be funny…I’m tan or beige, either is fine.)

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I like to think that everyone else has a passion deficiency!

As I was saying previously, apparently I have anger issues. I like to think that everyone else has a passion deficiency! It has caused me issues to no end especially as I have to be respectful and courteous in the workplace to people that let’s be honest didn’t fucking deserve it! I live my life by certain sayings that I have picked up over the years (probably from movies, I won’t lie). First, one being “Respect is earnt, not given!” also “If you have to brag, you’re not doing well enough” then there’s “Don’t quit before you start.” and of course “action speaks louder than words!” There are many more creative sayings I live by but these are relevant for now.


We’re surrounded, We got charlie coming down on us from everywhere!


I guess where I am going with this is if one is surrounded by morons and then has to show them respect, of course, I am going to be a little angry. The main reason being that I/we have to pull the handbrake on the old personality which is putting it lightly. Some that have seen me in full flight would call it hitting the eject button half way down the runway!


You see, I/many others, mainly guys are forced to pretend to be something we simply can not be. Some would describe it as being fake. So that the more (overly) sensitive can co-exist in an “accepting” and passive workplace. I have seen it get the point where the best worker’s feel trapped, go into a depression and become self-destructive (ME). Spiraling down until eventually, they do something unforgivable as seen by those with authority and given their marching orders. As they (management) see it there is a zero tolerance for “discrimination”.


Well, what is one to do? Can’t be yourself, can’t avoid them and can’t kill what then? Tell me what to do? Every time this is asked a rehearsed bullshit line (Youtube) is thrown down our throats and were expected to accept it even though we both agree on what the problem is. I’ll leave it to the imagination.


Bring back the biff! Probably not the solution but the thought makes me smile for once.


The biggest problem in today’s society is everything comes too easy and we are at a constant war with each other over our own ego’s with no real way to settle the problem. At least legally! Whether it be food, entertainment, money just to name a few, it all comes way too easy. Gone are the days where men would run after their food in the wild hunt (Youtube) while women stayed back with the kid’s, looked after the shelter, gathered fruit, veg, and school the kids. Everyone within the community relied on each other which brought everyone closer together. Everyone had a role and a purpose which is what many self-help “expert’s” would refer to about thousand times in their 8 books about slightly different subjects as purpose, contribution, and Fulfillment.


Instead, these days we are either overwhelmed or underwhelmed with issues that don’t really suit our genetics and/or history. Perhaps the cure is struggles/overcoming/reaching goals. My subconscious automatically put’s this on the to-do list daily but when I do it, it’s called causing trouble or raising hell. Can’t win depression here I come!

Powerful Joe Rogan

Are they robbing us of our God giving right to be the animals that we are?

My opinion of the problem (whether you like it or not and after all it is MY OPINION!!!) is deep down we are animals and evolution hasn’t taken into consideration that technology has made our lives too easy yet. As I said before through sheer boredom we are at a war of egos. What choices do we really have be ourselves especially in this world where we have to toe the line and anyone seen doing their own thing is ridiculed for being different.


I have no problem with people being sensitive or any other adjectives but please do not expect me to accept everything you say as gospel. I am sick to death of having to act a certain way and pretend to agree with these people just to keep the piece. Contrary to popular belief I am not angry just frustrated that I am forever being told to act a certain way to keep the piece even though the problem is plain as day. I am quite simple to get along with. You play nice, I play nice. You treat me like a human, you get it back. You earn my respect and you will get it. If we disagree on something let’s have an intelligent conversation and figure out who is wrong and who is right but that never happens hmmmm…I wonder why…


I, like you am on a life long journey to figure out what the best me would do in every situation possible. Guess what, I nor you know how to do life! My life is about trial and error, making mistakes, learning and being good at as many things as I possibly can. I am at a point in my life where I no longer have time for negativity. I just want to move forward and leave the hater’s in my dust as I always have. To all the haters out there…



If you have a similar story, something you want to share or you just want to hurl abuse at me feel free in the comments below. I love a good argument.


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