Why are some talented people so lazy? Things you should be doing to reach your potential if you can relate!

Have you ever met that one guy/girl that was just so talented but they were completely lazy to the point where the first impression’s from strangers would be that said person was “useless” even though it couldn’t be further from the truth?


We’ve all got that one friend who has the potential to do absolutely amazing things in this world if only they would do one thing…START! I have met people in my life that were extremely talented when it came to actually moving away from his phone and comfy couch.


Are you Talented? Look around, how many haters’s have you got? If it’s none, time to get that number up!


It’s funny to watch, especially in a group setting as Mr. Talent as I will now refer to him never really had that enthusiastic attitude that most go getters have. Why is that? Was he actually lazy? Perhaps he was the opposite, is this task that is proving to be difficult for everyone else so menial for Mr. Talent that he is confident that he could start later, not try too hard, finish in record time and look good doing it?


Some people just have it! A certain individual spring to mind when I think about talented people. Mr. Talent loved to joke around more than he cared for moving up the corporate ladder and impressing those senior to him. When there was something physically difficult to do he would go from resting bitch face to Jason Bourne in a matter of seconds. It didn’t matter whether it was physically exhausting or mentally draining there was no job too hard, too big or too small for Mr. Talent. He made his manager and the team look good but not himself. which as I have spoken about before never goes over very well due to jealousy and making other people question their own ego’s about how good they actually are.


“Ain’t no mountain high, ain’t no valley low enough”


So why was Mr. Talent not interested in excelling even though it would seem that it would be an easy transition for him? He literally was capable of anything and only those that worked with him knew about it. He would literally pretend to be lazy and uninspired. Was this because he didn’t want to do any work? Maybe, but not likely!


My opinion is that Mr. Talent was not living up to his potential and didn’t know what to do about it. It seemed like procrastination and laziness, but perhaps it was the same problem that everyone has which is, what am I going to do with my life? Which is funny because his managers would always say what are they going to do with him! Mr. Talent could never figure out what he wanted to do with his life even though he had been out of school for nearly 10 years. Now normally it is as simple as quitting and trying new things but here the problem lies. Mr. Talent was earning over $100k per year in a job that kept him unsatisfied with his life. Now, most people would agree that it’s not a bad problem to have and keep trudging along.


Why wait so long to realize you’re taking advice from the wrong people?


MR talent was no different with his thinking so that’s what he did..for years. Now he’s old and regretting not having tested himself and getting after the thing’s that he could have been passionate about but never figured out what they were because it was considered by average people to not be the smart thing to do. So if sticking it out was the smart thing to do why are average people still average perhaps because it was was an average idea!

weigh- you - down.jpg

Is it a blessing in disguise? Only If you are inspired by it to get going in any direction win, lose or fail!

It seems that it has been a trend over the last 10 years where throwing in the towel at a company/job you don’t like has been the move. Should you go out and find something you like doing? I believe this is exactly what you should do or at least try. If you fail that’s fine, try again or try something else. One less on your life’s to-do list of thing’s you don’t want to regret. Now in saying this, some people priorities are different. Some people are allergic to stress, negativity, and confrontation. That’s fine, you will definitely have many different priorities to people like myself. If you feel like the security of a job is your deal then, by all means, go for it! I for one have dealt with stress, negativity, confrontation and just chaos in general. So much so to the point where I miss it when I don’t have it! (probably why I am considered a trouble maker I guess! Hopefully, it is a blessing in disguise. So far…not so good but at least I got some funny stories to tell!)


Stop right there Mr. Bubble Wrap! Time to take a risk! I’m taking those training wheels off! I’m pushing you down the drive way either pedal or fall! It’s do or die!


Now they always say that nothing lights a fire under your ass like necessity and desperation. So should Mr. Talent have quit on the spot? You would have to weigh it up on the old risk scale. Of course, don’t quit tomorrow but don’t hold it off either. Start doing the numbers right now as to when you would actually have enough to last a good 6 months to a year. It seems scary but if you are truly unsatisfied with what you have and where your life has been and where it is going thennnn…start making moves! If material things make you happy then you are simply not ready to take this on. I’ll leave it up to you from here but following through with something you like doing sounds better than struggling and being unhappy in something you hate.


I am a believer in that, you have to be 100% sick of your situation or at the very least in the 90th percentile of tired, frustrated and overwhelmed with being underwhelmed. This is across the board, I had to get to this point to stop being fat, smoking cigarettes and doing drugs just to name a few. Yes, I agree I’m not the smartest person getting but hey, if it doesn’t kill you straight away, just takes years off your life then…”When in Rome!” At least that was my attitude during my 20’s. Ahhh, SO young and SO dumb! Don’t tell my 20 year old self I said that!


I’m not against owning real estate, I’m against the journey and the struggle for the meager pay off! There has to be another way!


Money is great until it isn’t, of course I’m no millionaire but here is food for thought.. why do people go through midlife crisis when they are earning good money, have a nice house that they are paying off, several nice cars? Yeah, Why would getting to 20 years of your mortgage with only 10 years of payments remaining, make you depressed? Beats me…more like beats me why people do it. The lucky ones make it to around 75 years old. So if your a real go getter jump on the 30 year mortgage success train without doing any prior research as to location, market bubbles and outlook on growth because it’s a sure thing right? Of course it is, I’m jumping in because everyone that has done that has fully paid off 3 houses by the time they’re 65……Wrong!


If making real estate agents and banks richer sounds good to you…keep on keeping on!


Does aging faster from the constant debt, sleeping less worrying about keeping a job, doing less with your life so that you can pay a little bit more of that interest off. (Which is generally a higher figure than the principal) Worst of all being stuck in your job you do not like for a long, long time! At least someone is getting richer in this deal and unfortunately unless you’re lucky and highly educated on the subject…It may not be you!


I want to be awake to turn my alarm off because I’m excited to start the day!


To me that sounds awful! Is this nice house really worth the sacrifice of a life time. Are you really just going to live your life in a house filled with things you don’t use. It all seems like a distraction from an underlying issues if you ask me. Now it would make sense if we stayed 25 years old for the duration of our lives, but quite simply we don’t. We get one shot at this before your life flashes before your eyes and it slowly fades to black.


It’s possible to live 10 years as much as it is a 100 years. So what does that house mean to you now?


Has the 30 years you spent as a divorce Lawyer or a plumber really been worth it? Is that what gets you out of bed in the morning? NO! it’s what keeps you there, hitting the snooze button until the last possible second. If it does then I am happy for you maybe a little jealous that you are able to focus on something like that but for me and I’m sure I’m not alone, it’s time to get out there and try new things. Work on my creativity and do whatever it is that gets me/you excited. I say enough to wasting time unfulfilled in a job that never really tested me/you in anyway shape or form at least in a positive way. We can go back to that anytime but hopefully we won’t have to!


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