Hater gonna hate! How to fake news these morons!

Have you ever asked yourself why are these people hating on me for doing something impressive? I have! Here’s the thing I enjoy working hard every now and then whether it be in the gym, outside in the 40c degree heat or in the blistering cold (maybe not so much in the blistering cold). In almost all of my previous job’s, I have been the guy that would unselfishly do the jobs that no one wanted to do. I could stand to hear about 10 minutes of bitching and whining of other more advanced in age “worker’s” before I would just go off and do the job. Nice guy right? Wrong…apparently! I would then get back stabbed with such comments as “thinks he’s good at everything” and various other insults. Well to all of these people, I was just trying to help out and you seemed passionate about not doing the job so I thought I would do it to save the drama. The problem is you just can’t please some idiots.


abe linc quote

Here’s a little backstory to where I’m coming from. I have spent the last 8-10 years working a job that was not at all fulfilling nor was it really challenging. Well, that’s simple just quit you say? Well, the problem is that it was a job that paid very well and only expected that I show up on time and complete menial tasks and then I was free to do whatever I wanted as long as I wasn’t seen loitering. Sounds great right? Well, it was for a few years, while I traveled the world, battled through a sickness for a few years, nearly died regularly and put up with whatever else life had thrown at me.


Now when I was able, I have always tried to go above and beyond when I was capable and no not because of ego or promotion but because it just seemed like a right thing to do. Yep, no ego involved in it what so ever. I would Just set myself a challenge and try to do it as efficiently as possible. Shame on me, hey!



I didn’t paint the best picture of the job I had and but basically, it was busy commissioning a large industrial plant where I was happy having new things to do and learn each day. It was not until the place started to run well that and the old to do list started to gradually fade away until eventually there was not much to do at all. This is why I would jump at the chance to work. I’m sorry I am weird, I enjoy breaking into a sweat and doing difficult things every now and then to pass the time! I was often known among the workers for being energetic whether it be at work, in the gym or at the bar having a laugh.


I found out upper management only really paid attention to the negative stuff and 0% of the good stuff I had done. No shock there I guess!


Now because I was known for working hard at work, in the gym and knocking back a six pack (sometimes 8…most times 8!) of brewskies every night in the time it took most to drink three or four, I was labeled arrogant. I always had those that were willing laughing and never bitched about anyone. EVER! (which I will cover in another post). Yes, I know right..I was just as confused. I helped everyone, I never stuffed up, never really missed a day of work and was super fit from boxing, Muay Thai and lifting weights because I enjoyed the benefits NOT because I wanted to be a bad ass. So what was everyone’s problem? I actually remember having a conversation with my manager about why I was getting drug tested so much, he would say often, “they probably saw you working out in the gym!” I would laugh it off but in hindsight, I’m starting to believe it.


Note: I have put a couple of videos up on the BeenALongWeek Facebook page of me on the heavy bag where I shook the world!


Do I really have to apologize for enjoying hard work???

I was never diagnosed with ADD or ADHD but ever since I was a whippersnapper I was always told that I had too much energy. Is this my fault? I don’t think so! If I was lazy and some young 20 something wanted to do all the work that would be a good thing right? Wrong again…according to these people/mongoloids!


So what was the problem? Is the problem me or the fact that certain individuals egos were constantly being deflated. Now I know I have tried to paint myself as an asshole but that only came later as I spent years questioning what was wrong with me and what I was doing wrong. Every time I did something noteworthy people would pick at my faults (which I’m the first to admit I have many, oh so many!) Bitch and whinging behind my back was a regular, especially from the younger guys. Often I  was told that I had an ego, If having an ego meant that I would volunteer to do the job’s that no one else wanted to do because I was sick of a big fuss being made out of the very thing that kept us employed/earning ridiculous money then GUILTY AS FUCKING CHARGED!!!


I would eventually be sick to death of being the nice, helpful guy and would turn to being standoffish, ready explode at any moment, asshole. Now I dropped all responsibilities (If you could call them that, the jobs were almost too basic.) I had which were divided out between the rest of the crew now this was funny to watch because I suddenly went from being the arrogant overachiever to being the smart/helpful/hardworking guy again I had been years previous in the hopes that I would take back jobs no one wanted to do. NOT FUCKING LIKELY! I stopped going to bar, later I would overhear that everyone missed me joking, laughing and that the bar wasn’t worth going to anymore. People would get sick of asking me to stop by to have a few beers. Now I went from being liked, being told I was arrogant, to people sucking up and then finally to being hated. I found other ways to stay entertained and was not going out of my way for anyone anymore! This was my way of getting back at them. I kept them entertained, I did most of the crappy jobs and I never bitched or whined. What did I get for it? Thrown back in my face! What was the point? There was no point! Sorry, not sorry!


If only I knew then what I knew now things would be different!


If only I knew what I know now which is humans are a jealous bunch. Everyone that wants the attention doesn’t deserve it and those that don’t want it, often do deserve it. Now I have found that listening to life coaches and inspirational montages quite helpful. Unfortunately, I never realized that having haters is, in fact, a good thing. Having hater’s is often a good gauge of how well you are actually doing! How do you cope with the back stabbing? The one thing I never really did which was the one thing I should have done first which confronts people head on but I never really knew how. The funny thing is as soon as you do confront people they realize what they are doing and they back down. They just want to bring you down for their own ego. Not for you, for them! Assholes!


I actually approached the situation in the worst possible way which was trying to wait it out. Now, this is bad for you as you could be waiting for a long time as you go further and further down that rabbit hole to point where you may not be able to pull yourself out. It has been a blessing in disguise as I have never felt better since leaving the place and industry filled with negativity and undeserving egos. The one thing that kept me there was the money, looking back it now just negativity alone was not worth the 125k annual pay cheque. Money traps you especially if you are in a job that isn’t letting you be the best you. This lesson I have learned and will never fall victim to again. Bigger and better things! I have actually set goals and am inspired to do great things. I feel I’m not really destined to work for someone else. I will be rich, I will be successful you’ll see!


Doing better is the best Revenge is the best medicine!

begginning is near


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