The last chapter of your life has not been written yet…but it’s coming! Not even Trump’s wall can keep death from dragging you away!

Have you ever thought to yourself, there is just not enough time in a day to get it all done? Perhaps you’re on the other side of the spectrum and think to yourself I want to do so much but I’m just so busy right now, I’ll make a start tomorrow? The most popular would have to be what do I want to do with my life? Followed by the unlocking of your phone and playing your favourite game or updating your status. Most of us including myself are much more guilty of the latter constantly since being able to hold a square magical brick of knowledge and distraction. More commonly referred to as an iPhone or variety Android smartphone.


I only have a few games on my phone, yet I literally spend about 3 hours throughout the day attacking bases, gaining resources and re-configuring my bases. There are only so many hours in a day and all I want to do is level upon something that really doesn’t serve me any purpose what so ever or go towards building skills, character or fulfillment. But Hot Diggity, It is fun! The strategy game I am personally addicted to are such games as clash of clans, Clash Royale and Narcos. So basic, just so addictive!


It used to be fine when I was working 12 hours per day as I was earning money in my job while upgrading bases but now that I work for myself all it is doing is getting in my way and using up mental energy that could be better used in my attempt to fulfill my  dream of “passive income, monetizing/optimizing/automating a highly profitable business and then to finally to hopefully do something great or outstanding that leave my mark on this world! Ideally, my goal would be to take over the helm of technology giant and humanity optimizer Elon Musk.



Now, Don’t worry I’m aware that there is only 70-80% chance Of Elon Musk passing the torch which he received from Tony Stark more commonly known as Ironman and then finding and passing said torch to me. Simply so I can continue to push the human race forward at unheard of speeds. OK, maybe I got ahead of myself there, probably a little less than 70-80%, perhaps more like 70-80% of .00000005%! (Notice how modest I can be? Your welcome!)


So how does Elon Musk do it? Aside from inhaling/digesting a book,(sometimes 2 per day) a day since he was able to read (probably read his first physics book at 3 years of age)  on interesting subjects (PURE sarcasm) like physics, computer science, rocket science…the list goes on. I know what you’re thinking how does he have time to raid, upgrade his base, and update his friend’s on Insta?


DISCLAIMER: If you are not sitting down then please do as the truths of which I am about to unveil are as shocking as they are far fetched I will not be held accountable for any injuries sustained while reading the next paragraph.


The truth is he probably doesn’t! A busy man does not allocate time in his day to do these menial tasks that distract us from finding our true passions. (I might add I’m nearly a level 11 townhouse!) Once I max out town hall 10 including level 12 walls that are only 4 million gold each multiplied by 200 odd wall pieces…then and only then will I have time to get a team together build a spaceship and colonize a planet in another galaxy so that we as a species may continue to exist just in case of nuclear war, asteroids or alien attack. OK, the chances of that happening have slightly declined again…but not because I can’t, now it’s because I don’t wanna beat Elon Musk at his own game…someone tell him, I said he is doing rockets wrong! And all the other amazing things he has done…all wrong!


I’m to Rocket’s what Steven Seagulls is to MMA! (YouTube)


So as the title of this blog suggests death seems so far away even for those in their 40’s and 50’s. We only live on average 75 years give or take IF your one of the lucky ones. Now as a 29-year old I am speedily approaching my first taste of mortality, which is turning a whopping 30 years of age. It seems like yesterday that I was telling the guys in there 30’s, 40’s and 50’s how old, ugly, slow and useless they all were as an early 20’s something. As the wise and all knowing Justin Timberlake preaches in one of his song’s from mid-2006, “what Comes around, goes around, goes around, goes around, comes back around” ahhh year 2006 such simpler times when I was a young whippersnapper!


Now, I, by all means, I am not worried about turning 30 nor do I think anything really changes until I realize that I have achieved nothing of any real substance. Oh, wait…Clash of clans Town House 10!  I could probably put my account on the market and earn myself a whopping $100-$200 payday. I live in Thailand and Malaysia as my Australian Dollars go further here, so I could probably retire for about 5 days with that kind of money!


I’ll stop being and annoying ass now and get to the actual point! The point is mortality is real and it is a mother fucker! The title of this post “The final chapter of your life has not been written yet…but it’s coming!” means nothing until it does! For me being the late bloomer and slow learner that I am, It hasn’t really got a word in until now. Being 30 soon I’m not exactly using a mirror to look around corner’s to make sure death’s not about to clothesline me with his sickle, but it has made me look back and reflect on what I have done with my life! It’s not exactly a disappointing list but in my mind, I should have been most influential under 30 from 2007-2017 and recipient of a Nobel peace prize at least thrice. I deserve it until I actually consider the criteria for both awards! Let’s just say your assumptions are correct if you think I fall just short!


So, we have talked about mortality and lack of achievement. So how do those bloody high achiever’s do it? Well, if you read Elon Musk’s biography you will find that growing up in South Africa seeing some pretty bad things, being a complete nerd, being picked on by the cool kids, perhaps not having the best father figure, along with natural ability and focus to be able to enjoy learning about rocket science and computer coding as a teenager before either was even close to being a thought in the average person’s mind, not to mention being mainstream like they seem to be today. All of these factor’s contributed to making him the modern day, real life Tony Stark/Ironman. I literally look at this guy in awe!


Is happiness meant to be what you feel on your deathbed looking back at your life thinking ” That’ll do, I’ve achieved so much! I’m happy with what I’ve done!”


Despite finding his drive in the negatives throughout his life and the fact that he might not ever be happy as a person as long as he is proving everyone wrong. That his ideas will work and change the world as a few of them already have in a big way! He will be remembered as one of the greatest if not the greatest man to walk the planet. Is the trade off worth it? In my opinion, I think being unhappy is worth finding out the best version of yourself before you die! As long as you don’t die from being unhappy. If you know what I mean…


How many cost effective fuel efficient rockets have you built lately?


Okay, so you don’t build a fuel efficient and cost effective rocket specifically built for colonizing planets. This doesn’t mean the best version of yourself cannot be someone great. For the high achiever’s that walk among us, the best version of themselves if found and used to full potential will grant them the opportunity to walk among the elite men and women of the world! That’s something to be happy about, just have to find that right opportunity, motivation and not give up.


Guess what, you won’t find out anything until you get into your head that your final chapter is steadily approaching and death will one day be waiting around a corner ready to tickle you with his primitive farming relic. Which by the way going on statistics he hasn’t missed yet…high achiever! The time is now to hit your passion with some urgency because you just never know.


Come on Elon Musk, figure out a way to beat death. 20 bucks say you fail! (Reverse psychology…works every time!)






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