Prove them wrong: Why do people hate? How to deal with people talking behind your back!!!

You’re probably thinking “god not another idiot telling me to just let it go again!” Don’t worry I’m not mature enough, nor does my personality or character allow me to let things go….at least straight away… least till I get revenge….at least till I completely ruin their lives!


We’ve all got those people that talk about us behind our backs for no real reason other than to make themselves feel better about their own shitty lives. Let’s be honest your probably that asshole to someone else. It is the circle of life for those without outlets. Today’s society being as passive and understanding as it refuses to let boys be boys. I would love nothing more then to at the very least have a screaming match with said asshole perhaps come to blows if necessary, as we are designed to do. It is better out than in literally and we cannot withhold the very thing that makes us human. BUT we must as this is what is required by today’s shitty society rules. (Rules are probably there for a reason)


Here in the problem lies. we are subjects of repression so that those that control us have it easier. Whether that be your boss, your local police or your government. Now on paper, it’s a good idea for people to get along and like each other but that is never the case. Morons that are miserable or are stuck in a rut, generally are the bottom dwellers of society but not always. A stress reliever for most people is to take it out on the guy just across the way minding his own business, doing his own thing. This is generally due to a lack of talent or will to actually pick up a hobby and use it as an outlet. I mean really why would you do that when there’s a perfectly innocent guy right over there doing his thing not harming anyone? Fuck that guy!


As the title suggests, you should not hold in the fucks you want people to willingly receive. Even though it might not go down so well depending on where and how the fucks are dispensed. I came from an industry filled with tattoos, shaved head’s, bikie style goaty’s but most of all lies. I know first hand that the tougher someone try’s to look/act and the louder they are the more bullshit you can expect to receive from them as they have an oversupply with a high volume dispenser also known as their mouth. Simply, those that want to be tough but aren’t and normally have one option…pretend!


I know what you’re thinking what would this guy know!

Here’s the thing I am speaking out of the experience. I still remember my first time going to an MMA gym with a friend who had been trying to drag me along for about 6 months. I remember thinking something along the lines of “what have I got myself into” and “I’ll go once to shut him up, take a beating and then never be seen ever again!” To my surprise everyone was inviting, respectful and encouraging. Where were all the tough guys I would hear at work talking about how many fights they had been in, in the years before? Don’t get me wrong there are tough looking guys there, but you would have to do something really bad to piss them off. Most of the time whether it be MMA/boxing/Muay Thai/Ju Jitsu gym generally the only danger you are in is of breaking into a sweat. Now, of course, it is fighting at the end of the day but people go to these places to get a good workout and pick up some important life skills and there are many that you will learn from martial arts. Nothing like punching your anger out on a heavy bag!

NOTE: For those that do not believe have a look at my Instagram Jay_Gillard I got a few moves!


Stop that! How dare you try something new! You’re making us look bad!

Where am I going with this you might ask? Well, my point is as follows. To make it in a world you really have to accept that the decent, smart and talented are outnumbered about a million to one. The morons of the world will try to bring you down to their level as you and I have experienced, they are not better than you which is why they find power in numbers. There’s not a lot you can do to stop them as rarely, you will see it coming especially with guys and pretending to be tough. The thing is while it is going on you will sit there and stew away thinking fuck these people and tell yourself what you want to do to them but it is as simple and as easy as confronting them and making them realise that they are being assholes. Funny thing about it is even though being an asshole was their intention they will actually feel bad for doing it. They want to bring you down but they won’t know why. Fucking morons!


What is the remedy to moronism?

Well, it’s a mental breakdown if you try to ignore them and lifetime of butt fucking in jail if you kill them (or the female equivalent, respectfully!). So as I say regularly and as I’m sure you have heard, just know that the more fuckery you receive from these lacking humans the better you are doing! There’s something about you that annoys them and normally it will be something good that you are doing, that they wish they could do. So fuck em! Call them out on their bullshit ASAP! “You think you can do it better? Show me!!!” “Oh, I’m not doing it, right? Well, would you show me how?” As you and I know anything worth doing takes many hours to get good at, let alone master and then maintain. It also takes passion, talent, intelligence, hard work and putting yourself out there. You’re doing it because you enjoy it and they’re not doing it because they were breastfed up into their teenage years. So do your thing, don’t take shit and call people out! Enough with suppressing your anger, let’s show the world just how full of shit these idiot’s really are. They will soon realize the only issue is themselves BUT that’s not your problem


Keep working on you Champion.






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