Are you talented but no good on paper? Well that makes you, me, Conor mcgregor and Tom Brady!

That’s correct you read it right you’re in the same company as me, Conor Mcgregor, Tom Brady and so many great athletes from many different sports. For anyone who is not aware, Tom Brady has arguably the best arm that football has ever seen and of course, there is Conor Mcgregor… don’t think I need to explain who he is…just in case, watch these Conor McGregor and Tom Brady Highlights.

Tom Brady

If you haven’t seen how ridiculous this guy is a quarterback I suggest you click on the link to his YouTube or at the very least google his career highlight reel. Take a seat as it is impressive and you will be blown away by his superhero abilities. He hurls the ball through the air with such precision that he is claimed by everyone that knows anything about the game of American football as the GOAT. He has played for the New England Patriots since 2000 and in that time has won 5 Super Bowls which is a record for someone playing for the same team and in good company as an individual.



That wasn’t always the case. Tom Brady was considered gangly, of poor build and too slow to even try out let alone become the GreatesQuarterbackck to grace the game. All of these insults were hurled at him by experts of football. He would say in an interview “That gets me fired up because what the hell do these people know!”

I’m Australian, have not really had too much exposure to the game of American football and even I know how great he is! I originally came across his name on the internet. I would always hear the name until eventually, I would google him to be amazed at just how talented of a man he really was. Which says a lot about Tom Brady as American football predominately watched and played in America, not so much in many other countries especially in Australia. Although things are changing with the internet.


To really give perspective, I don’t really watch sports in general as it is not a preferred outlet for me. So for an Australian that has never seen a full game of the sport and to still take inspiration from this man says a lot about Tom Brady. This guy was laughed at when trying out and used it as fuel to become the Captain of the Patriots and quite possibly the GOAT.

Conor Mcgregor

Conor Mcgregor shot to stardom in the UFC as a loud mouth Mixed martial artist. He was considered by many competing in the sport as untalented blow over, that wouldn’t be around long. He laid a trail of destruction through Irish, European and American Promotion’s to finally become the first ever to hold two world title belts at the same time in the toughest version of the sport The Ultimate Fighting Championship!




The whole way along his journey he was hated doubted and told that he didn’t have the skill to make it in the sport of mixed martial arts. This was after previously holding two world titles in a European promotion. He had been, seen and conquered just like every other deserving champion. Yet his skill, athleticism and mental toughness were all doubted. Conor Mcgregor had beaten everyone the UFC had laid in front of him, hence why he shot up the ranks that would lead him to a championship title fight. It would be a 2-year journey until finally, he would lay claim to his division as the best in 13 seconds against VERY long time world champion and legend Jose Aldo.


You would think that that would earn him respect among the others in the sport. The haters would ease up on him as not only would he beat the best but would do it gracefully. Eventually, he would move up in weight to the next division and win in almost similar fashion. A one-sided beating of another legend in the name of Eddie Alvarez. Finally, he would start to get the respect he deserves from peers and fans but not everyone.



Both the best in their respected sport and both stories as inspirational as each other’s to say the least. In all the interviews I have watched on both of these guys they have both fed from their hater’s, put themselves out there and showed the world that just because you are perhaps not the fastest OR strongest on paper does not mean it is not possible to be the greatest.


There are videos for days that you could feed inspiration into your inner furnace on these two athletes that used their work ethic, guts, and determination to blaze a trail not yet walked by others. both fed from the haters and skeptics whether they be professionals of the sport or keyboard warriors. They knew what they wanted, figured out what would get them there and best of all fed from the doubters to eventually be the best in their sports.



It ain’t over til the Triple zeros hit the clock

It’s easy to quit but to not have tried because the hater’s got you down is the worst mistake you will ever make. If you are great/passionate at something the haters will always be there to remind you that you are doing a good job no matter what. For they have nothing else going on. Everyone has their ego that tells them that they are the best but that is only true for very few. So have at it Champion.

Fuck the haters, do it anyway!

Being great is never enough though, the less talented among us are always laying and waiting in the shadows for mistakes no matter how minor to get their chance to make anyone they can feel bad about themselves.




No matter what your circumstances get the best you out there. Every great story starts with a struggle and unfortunately, the struggle never ends. So get used to it or see yourself become the hater. You will rarely see a truly great champion be a hater to the undeserving because what’s he got to be angry about? The champion will continue to grow, continue to learn and continue to prove everyone wrong.


You may buckle, you may fail, you may embarrass yourself but hey it’s better to have your own trail of destruction than to be complaining about someone else’s journey when your old and falling apart.


Perhaps this is why I/other’s don’t watch sport’s even though I/other’s love them. I’m too busy constantly trying to find things to consume my time. Not that I’m a champion at anything, but hey my final chapter hasn’t been written yet and you never know what’s around the corner.


Just joking I’m awesome at everything, Just ask this angry mob chasing me!




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