Travel: How I decided to overcome a normal death and start living a great life

What is it you want in your life? This is the big question that every man, woman, and child must one day ask themselves. If you have been asking yourself for 5 years or worse like I had then guess what, you’re probably in need of an attitude adjustment, perhaps some adventure to gain perspective or even recharge.


Even throughout high school, I had no idea of what life was really about. Which is why in my final year’s when it came down to which direction I would go I was left speechless (I think it actually went something like FUCK THAT! GAP YEAR!!!!). Such a big decision to make at such a young age. I had just finished twelve years of school and you want me to pay to do more….


Ah, nah!


As I have mentioned before I have always been somewhat of a late bloomer. Whether it came to picking what I wanted to do after school or even as simple of a choice as jumping on a bandwagon of a new trend such as Facebook, Instagram, becoming emo, becoming metrosexual, popping my collar, and not doing all these dopey trends.


I don’t know if it was a lack of maturity, excelling in laziness or I just didn’t understand what the point was. Looking at it now Facebook/Instagram just seems like a way to show off or make everyone believe how good your life is, which is fine. So I didn’t miss out on too much there. As I was saying, I would literally just be jumping on board as people were getting off. My idea of Facebook was adding a bunch of meme pages that shared funny content to keep me occupied at work when it got boring. (I watched a lot of videos).


I could never figure out why I wasn’t doing something better. How did I even get into this situation of being in a job I COMPLETELY hated from day one, working for people that made easy tasks look hard and being told I was useless but then being told I was a show off for doing everything. Oh, I give up!


OK, so my resting bitch face is not the most inspiring but guess what when you are uninspired by the uninspiring that surrounds you every day, it’s hard to at least seem inspired! The worst part of my situation was that I literally had no one to look up to, a mentor as you will, to give me some direction. I was surrounded by poor lost souls that had no idea either or worse people happy to not be trying to reach their potential.


There was one guy I had met that had given me some advice. His name was a Pete, a mid-forties happy go lucky kind of guy. He always had a great attitude towards life. A bit of backstory to Peter, during his twenties and thirties he had worked for a small organization known as Green Peace… He worked his way up the ranks within the organization to be 2nd in charge in the state of Queensland or so the story went. He had funny stories for days and a who gives a fuck attitude to negativity, not to mention he loved a beer. Being Green Peace you can only imagine what the stories were about…


What I had noticed with Pete over the other’s in his age bracket, was that he had lived a super adventurous life, “blazing” a trail in a direction where not many before him had ventured. Therefore he was content with his life as he had done what many would envy. He was now in the next stage of his life with kids and mortgage but he didn’t bitch about anyone like the rest of the people at work.


Why was this?


Even into his 40’s, he had many hobbies that he pursued which kept his mind busy and his wallet full (No, he wasn’t selling drugs…I don’t think). Perhaps a lesson to be learned.


Fuck it, just do it, failings only one of two options


The lesson I took away from Peter was to be happy, you would have to be content with what you had done in your life. This was a game changer for me and was part of the reason I decided I was not going back to the industry that I had hated for the longest time. I had to find something of substance and meaning otherwise I would forever be miserable like the rest of the masses. I think another 20 minutes in that place or anything that resembled it would see me throw myself into a shark infested tank. A slow painful death would have been better than working there.


Now for those that have met me in years past would describe me as a crazy man. I literally had no direction, nor did I care. I was always energetic and enthusiastic about doing the task ahead as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Not to show off but to challenge myself. It was my way of staying motivated in a physically exhausting or mentally draining task. Setting hard to achieve goals to keep my mind off of how much I really didn’t want to do whatever it was. I know, what a complete asshole…


I wish I had of known back then what I know now.


It’s a shame that I am a late bloomer and that I had certain near death/long recovery experiences during my twenties otherwise who knows where I would be right now. All I know is, I am making up for lost time by dropping everything and heading across oceans to see the unseen and do the undone at least what I have unseen and undone…


Some would call it running away but I call it not going down the same path of regret as everyone else. If you think the government/banks try to get you to buy a house for your own good, you’re crazy!




Traveling is something I probably always would have done. Through traveling, I have learned a lot about myself over the last 5 months. Especially in my short comings. Nothing like moving to a country where no one knows your name to really promote personal growth.


I have been in a bungle a few time’s now and have managed to weasel my way out of it as I always do. I have a long way to go but it has been an enjoyable experience, to say the least. I have definitely grown as a person and discovered that there is more to life than just doing as you’re told by people you don’t respect you in a job you hate. You will add years to your life from less banging of your head against a wall.


Life’s too short to be angry. Get some money behind you and leave! The older you will thank you!


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