Are you a marketer’s dream? Are we lying to ourselves or just being fooled?


There are two types of people in this world materialistic people and minimalist. I fit into the latter. I have always been the type to have two main shirts and two pairs of shorts. I would alternate daily, until the stench was unbearable to those around me, as I would never notice. I tried my best to buy things, but other than the PlayStation and the car, none of the objects I saw friends and family buy would really take my interest.


I did try though!


One purchase I made was a ten thousand dollar motorbike which was a bit of fun for about 6 months. It wasn’t really the 4 or 5 near death experiences I had from riding around town like an idiot that stopped me, it was the fact that I didn’t have a license and had gone through random alcohol breath test where I was lucky that the policeman (Youtube) somehow didn’t ask for my license. Which was lucky because I didn’t have a motorbike license! I actually don’t think I had my Learner’s permit either. So that was a just some taken up space and a dust magnet in the garage until it was sold about a year later.



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I bought a bunch of hobby stuff like remote control cars and planes. The RC car was fun for about 20 minutes before I thought to myself what do people see in these things. The RC Plane stayed in the shed until I donated it to my brother (Kinda want to play with that now that I think about it). I would watch people play with these things for hours on end thinking to myself how are you not bored yet? I think he was which is why he bought it around to show everyone or perhaps he bought it just for something to talk about either way possibly a waste of money. I think so!


I remember buying my first semi-expensive car which was a V8 Ute. I was actually nervous as I had always had nothing more than 6 cylinder’s and had always heard my rev head mates talk about the latest V8 engines and all the modification’s they had spent their “hard earned” money on. Went for my first drive annnd…nothing! Drove the same as my last car, for some reason I was expecting it to drive at similar speeds as my motorbike…I was wrong. (little bit of an exaggeration but you get my point)


Can’t help but think I’m being tricked here!


I went the same route when I furnished my first house without housemates. I bought a nice couch, nice fridge, and few other things. I still remember thinking to myself, what’s the big deal? OK yes, it is a much better looking than the shabby hand me downs I had been using in my share house days but I was so scared to spill food and drink on. I would stand and eat at the counter for the first couple of weeks until finally, I thought to myself what am I doing, sat down to dine on my first meal on the still brand new couch and stained it with oil and gravy from my nutritious meal…Holy mother of God, What are you trying to teach me!?!


As for fashion, I mentioned before that I do not care. OK, yes it is good to dress well BUT for the price that these top or even mid-tier brands want? How about I think it is re-god-damn-diculous (Youtube) paying $100-$200 for jeans? Geez, I’m still kicking myself for the ONE time I paid $84 for a striped button up with some guys the last name stitched into INSIDE OF THE SHIRT…your joking right? I can buy that same shirt in South East Asia for $5-10AUD minus the fancy name tag. At least put a bit of effort into the font…


It’s not our fault, everywhere we look whether we realize it or not we are bombarded by brainwashing advertising for things we really don’t need nor have the skill to make use of. Once I realized what was/is going on I was actually impressed by some of the strategy’s employed by marketers. Constantly evolving and problem-solving as people become more aware earlier in their lives thanks to the internet. Either, we’re all stupid for not realizing or I’m stupid for not getting a piece of the pie sooner. The future remains interesting!


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