Should you stay or should you go now? Reason to travel that actually make sense! Unless your Kim Jong Un…

By now you would have picked up on the lack of balance in my life. The problem is that I am a lazy person by nature. YEP, I’ll admit it, I am super lazy. UNLESS it’s time to work (Eh), work out or have a good time (Drinking & anti-social behaviour! My two most fine-tuned skills). Unfortunately, when it’s time for downtime, my entire body shuts down. This includes my ability to communicate with the outside world, my heart beat slows down to barely functioning levels and I become one with the couch! Yep, I relax to the max!



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This is a problem for me, that plays on my mind because you’re only in this world for what seems like a long time, but isn’t and you keep putting things off until tomorrow, next year or when you can afford. Realistically you never really do, then you’re old and tired, all the time!


I have always traveled as much as possible. I traveled because I don’t want to be that guy that looks back at his life and thinks to himself, wow, I didn’t really…do enough! I have always tried my best to leave the country or the state I live in for no shorter than two weeks, a few times a year, MINIMUM!


I have only been on one group trip with Bus Tour company Contiki tours(Website non-affiliate) which I found fun…ish at times, but not for me. As much fun as I did have, 28 days of being hungover around people that I didn’t know without breaks is not my idea of a good time as I am not fun to be around when I’m tired. Yep, that’s me admitting that I’m possibly the problem in most situations.


It was good fun and I saw a lot of things that I barely remember. I wish I could find the photo of me when I was lying face down on the floor of the Vatican (Wikipedia), then again that’s probably best left hidden! I thoroughly recommend it for any balanced human beings it will be the most fun you will ever have if you want to meet normal people that you would meet at home. Again, that’s not me.


The best experiences I have had are when I had gone traveling with acquaintances as I didn’t have to worry about drama or running out of things to talk about as we hadn’t seen each other since the last trip. Introduce my mate, Mick. He was what you would call a rebel. Real good guy and helped me out of a couple of bad situation’s overseas when I would lose unimportant things like my credit card, wallet, passport and/or all of the above (Actually happened more than once).


Now he was a real good dude to talk to, drink with and dragged me along to some “interesting” places I wouldn’t have seen if I had of gone with…anyone else! Other than a problem with authority (police, managers and parents) he was the real happy go lucky kinda dude that had done a lot more than most. I did several trips overseas with him and a couple of separate trips with similar wanderlust types. Ah, the good times!


The reason I found these trips so much better than going with my own friends was I didn’t have to worry about disappointing them or embarrassing myself, we weren’t tied together and there were no expectations. If I wanted to sleep for a night I could, no pressure. Well, maybe a few queries as to which genitalia I have!


The thing is when you’re traveling overseas depending on your personality or ability to simply say hi to strangers you can always meet a friend for a night that is out to have fun with no judgments and no whining.


During my early 20’s one small drip of alcohol touching my lips would change my entire personality. Not in a hate, myself let’s be a destructive way but in an, I have to have as much fun as possible. Let’s just say I embarrassed myself (Youtube) a lot during my twenty’s and was willing to sacrifice my dignity for a good story. I was that guy in a good way, I think…


Now if traveling overseas and drinking $1 beer in a tropical setting or traveling on a bus with 50 other people hungover is not your idea of traveling then it is quite simple really, don’t do it. There is so much to do!


I have literally been around the globe whether it be mountain biking past a massive waterfall in Switzerland, TRYING to snowboard in Canada or island hopping on a boat in Southeast Asia…there is literally something for everyone! It’s like anything you have to find what suits you. To do that, you must get out of your comfort zone and find what suits you. Don’t like the beach? Go to the slopes, don’t like the slopes? Go to the jungle and shoot guns with local army. It is that simple.


Now it’s not all fun and games as there are negatives to traveling!


The negatives to traveling are that you will not really enjoy being home in your normal life. You will see everyone you know differently and your 8-12 hour day will be harder to get through. Also if you live in Australia drinking at a bar will not make sense. $10 AUD per pint of beer? No thanks! Negative attitudes people have towards each other and themselves will stand out. You will refuse negativity in your life which will kinda cross off 95% of people and conversations. Then you have to deal with people asking why you don’t talk to them anymore…ah, I’m “tired” or I’m “shy“. Only works for so long then you gotta get out of dodge. Yeah, this ain’t for me, SEEYAH!!!!


Look, what it all comes down to is if you really want to knuckle down pay that house off and drive that expensive car then fine. It is a sacrifice we must make, either you go the materialistic way where you sacrifice your young adult day’s to buy what you think you need so that you are set for retirement (If you make it) to roam the world. The other option is to have life experiences and fun when you are young and able. Then, once you have completed your bucket list buy the house, car, start a family and rest of the junk that comes along with it. At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Of course, never take advice from a crazy man!


This is just my opinion but let’s just say a family doesn’t very economical!!!



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