Passion, career or job? Why is everyone so desperate to stop having fun?

The two words I used to hear a lot at work being the person I am was Human Resources. This job title is single-handedly responsible for Repression, suppression, oppression and most of all depression of the simple worker in just about any workplace.


Why is everyone so desperate to stop having fun?


I started working in 2005, now for me, it was always a means to have fun…just like school. People hating school never made sense to me, I remember so many agreeing with each other that it was a waste of time being there and that they would rather be earning money. I myself agreed that being at school was also a waste of time…but it was a fun waste of time, which is why I wanted to stay on!

I mean what is better than hanging out with your friends? Definitely not working for a living, unless you’re hanging out with friends there too.


I have always had a very different way of thinking. Again as always, I’ll be the first to admit I’m weird. For some reason, I always wanted to know why we were doing what were doing. What your average adult told me as a kid never made any sense, AT ALL!

  • “You can’t act like this forever” Why should I care what other’s think?

  • “GROW UP!” But I have way more fun this way

  • “You’re a SMART ASS” So you’re admitting I bested you?

  • “You will not make it in the real world” That doesn’t sound like a world I want to be a part of.


Let’s be honest I have not grown up and refuse to do so which is why I would never fit in, in everyone else’s brainwashed idea of the “REAL WORLD”.



Here’s my definition of the real world:

  • You are not to question why you are doing this task as it has been pre-thought out by your superior’s that have not broken into a sweat in at least 5 years and have not reviewed this method since it was written up 7 years ago.
  • You will stay employed if you do not try to evolve as a person. You must contribute in the way that we have “trained” (brainwashed) you to do so.
  • If you wish to make it up the ladder and become a leader you must possess zero leadership qualities and must jump when told to do so.
  • A place to spend your time until you die as you have given up on what you want.


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If you do not lead from the front then you’re only doing as you’re told!


This is the sole reason why large companies are so inefficient! They do not promote leaders with talent, instead, they train mindless followers (Youtube) as scapegoats when things go wrong. I was once told by supervisors that it doesn’t matter how good you are as a leader (Youtube) as long as you have a good team… My opinion is that it’s only a matter of time before they lose respect for you for not knowing what you are doing lose interest and respect.


Some of the best leaders I had were passionate hard arses that had earned their way up the corporate ladder through hard work and know how. I am a firm belieber in the workplace that you give someone an inch they will take a mile. It really is a give and take situation but let’s be honest the only way to really know if you’re having the wool pulled over your eyes, is to have done the job, and done it well.


At the end of the day, the workplace isn’t all bad. For me, it was a necessity to realize that there is more to life than money and the money is not worth being unhappy. Which is something I might not have realized if I had taken a different path. With all the things that went wrong in my life during my twenty’s, it was also a place to recover from accidents and injuries, that had me out of action for years.

Fulfillment is the meaning of life and working for someone is a means to an end.


I learned this from talking to people in their late 50’s and 60’s. I would often compare their life to mine, then think to myself, wow I have had the most fun! I have done a lot of things compared to most people, but I hadn’t done everything I wanted. I didn’t really have a good story to tell about a career that I was proud of. I had had a string of high paying jobs that never really challenged me, nor had I earned. I also didn’t have that back to the wall story of beating adversity while eating instant noodlescareer wise at least.


I had always known deep down that I was capable of achieving tremendous things, which is why I was always on my way out and not taking opportunities that would send me up the corporate ladder. I was scared of anything that would lock me into doing the same job that I hated, for years to come. I always felt that these jobs were better off with people that truly wanted to do them even though In my mind I would be the best candidate.


In hindsight, my main problem has always been that I knew I could make money doing something I am passionate about, but couldn’t find what I was passionate about in my comfort zone. I always wanted adversity, now adversity is staring me square in the eyes. Oh, God! Guess I’d better get cracking. Just kidding, I have found a new lease on life!


Let’s be honest life is about having the most fun stories to tell in the nursing home or death bed. This is my story of eating cereal for dinner and my eventual road to riches, doing what I wanted on my terms, doing what I had to (maturity please!), during a desperate time, to get me to eventual Bugatti Veyron and living my life the only way I know how.

Like a fucking Gangsta!


FYI I’m living off of street food in Thailand which essentially is the same price as a box of cereal or instant noodles. Two large pork steaks and half chicken for 220 Thai baht….Oh, the struggle is real!

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