A search for interesting people: What I learned from my experience with a hypnotist.

I have been travelling for the better part of a year now with no real intent other than to recharge, regroup and re-strategise. Let’s be honest not a lot of that has taken place except for the recharge…


It’s not until I started going to random quieter bars in South East Asia and striking up conversations with ex-pats, digital nomads, and plain old tourists, that I started to realise what I found interesting in people…interesting stories….How strange!

The British Expat

Last night’s adventure had me talking to a British ex-pat. He looked like the type that played his cards close to his chest. The little I got out of him in the beginning, was that he was in some way successful online and had made money in Real Estate in London, years before. That was about all he would let out about his past.


I like to think I have a knack for talking to strangers and love a challenge when it comes to getting people to open up. This was no different. After exchanging stories of traveling and sharing our opinion’s on how Brexit was too little too late and Trump is a good thing no matter how bad he wrecks the world, he finally confessed to knowing a bit about psychology and hypnotism.



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Now being a self-proclaimed introvert with extrovert tendencies, I have always had an interest in psychology because I must confess…I AM WEIRD! So for me, it was always about trying to compare myself to other’s and trying to figure out how I would fit in with the rest of society, also figuring out the difference between personality types…at least that’s what I think it’s about. Not even weirdoes understand weirdoes!


I don’t know why but for some reason I have a deep interest in observing people and trying to really understand what makes them tick, their trigger’s and last but not least stories of the struggles/achievements in their life no matter how great or terrible. Let’s be honest we all compare ourselves to other’s to see who’s doing better.

Back to MR Hypnotist…

Now what interested me most other than the fun conversation’s we were having was when he admitted to knowing a bit about hypnosis. Now, I am the first to admit I know absolutely nothing, but I am still a belieber. (Just so you know I do not believe in God, taro cards, mystical crystal balls, black magic or ghosts. When we die we fertilize or are consumed by the adjacent eco-system) As soon as he made me aware, straight away my competitive side, as well as my curiosity, was sparked! I thought to myself “I wonder if I can resist being hypnotised.”

It was one of the most interesting conversation’s I had had in my life. Perhaps that’s the trance talking, perhaps not.


We must have talked for at least 3 hours as I observed for any cues and patterns. First, I noticed that his hand gestures had taken on quite a mesmerizing flow to them which through paranoia I would refuse to look and I would change the topic, mid-conversation to what was happening on the TV. Second I would notice what he was talking about, he would repeat certain conversation point’s trying to learn more about me which was strange, because if he had of asked directly I would have just told him…I guess people lie about themselves all the time. The third cue I noticed, was when he mentioned that he had come across a lot of people that try resist being hypnotized. which would come out at completely random times during conversations. This was true, nothing in life is easy…especially when I am involved!

My view on what had happened

Now, I have no clue as to whether he was trying to hypnotize me, but I know for sure that he had quite a good understanding of how the mind worked. He had mentioned that he was once a psychologist a long time ago but gave up as he was sick of the negative energy. Anything about himself was very vague.


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I think he was definitely trying and eventually did get me into a very light trance right at the end of our conversation, as I had blurted out a couple of truths about myself that I normally keep tucked away for fear of being called arrogant. There were other people sitting around the bar, as well as the waitresses, so I can only assume that he hadn’t got me to do any dirty dancing on the bar while under the spell…If there was a spell!

Lessons learned

Now I still do not know if this guy was legit or not and I will never know, but I am a firm belieber that hypnotism is real. OK, you might not be able to get someone to rob a bank for you but, there is definitely a way to get them to reveal a lot about themselves. whether that is through smart well-constructed conversation or putting them in a trance…there is a way…I think! I was under the spell for a brief couple of minutes. Then again maybe he was just a good conversationalist. I think I survived being molested this time!

Tai Chi is the most lethal martial art, which is why the UFC is filled with old Asian men….perhaps they should change the octagon to a park setting…


He was a belieber in Tai Chi being the best martial art, this to me was strange, as I always thought it was a type of meditation. He rambled about being able to take me out with his Tai Chi energy. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve trained in Boxing and Muay Thai for a long time so I simply just kept quiet and waited for him to get competitive as I had seen people do so before, from me simply staying quiet (I think it’s to do with me not agreeing, which I don’t but I am not one to put someone down for their beliefs). Eventually, he stood up and came rushing at me from his stool about three metres away with all his “energy” and….nothing! I didn’t flinch, he stopped with his hands in a video game type stance about few inches away from my head.

The conversation was near its end!

Note: If you want to see if your Tai Chi energy can beat my years of training…my Instagram is Jay_Gillard or visit the videos page on this blog.

Looks like my next 6 months to a year is booked out to making people sleep standing up.


I have learned a lot through traveling and meeting different characters. I am finding people much like myself, that have been through the same struggles of fitting in. I love deeeeep conversation’s about the weirdest things. Which to be honest, you only get from middle-aged people whether that be they, plus I are crazy, perhaps it’s through cross interplanetary perspectives gained simply by visiting other worlds much unlike our own….Either way, I know what my mission is now…To gain as many weird/exciting experiences, meet the weirdest/interesting people and gain knowledge on anything not considered normal by today’s society. Which to be honest, I have unknowingly been doing my entire life anyway.

Today is day one of leading a life not unlived! 

(Not really day one, more like year 29 and a half! I just always wanted to say that)

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  1. Hmm 😒????

    Very interesting..!!!

    You do have a very weird concept of things around you…

    And you are very cautious., and highly aware of people…

    So you have no strong belief and faith in anything or anyone….???

    Keep on searching the world 🌎..
    you will eventually find something weird to put your faith in..

    Great article…
    you should try being hypnotized…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Exoticnita54, would you believe that’s not the first time I have heard that!!!

      I was brought up Catholic and from a very young age, I couldn’t understand why people believed in it… Even after all the stuff that goes on at the Vatican. Pedo stuff, they own the biggest gay bath in Rome when they are supposed to remain celibate and being homosexual is a sin… then LEAST of all the extremely farfetched stories in the bible…Walking on water, parting the sea, rising from the dead.

      There’s a quote “history was written by those that hung heros” at least that’s the variation I know. Faking the moon landing during the space race to beat the Russia, reason’s the world goes to war, reasons why jails are overpopulated, how the government is controlled by the corporate world and then shit rolls downhill to working man…I could go on for days and I’m not even a conspiracy theorist! Lol.

      In saying that, I’m always the guy having a great time, I just want to search the world have the best life and not do as I’m told unless it makes sense to me. Plus I’m not a family guy just yet…perhaps ever.

      I just believe that the current way of life is VERY outdated…for someone like me!

      Make sense? lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m found my self mesmerized by your post in a chuckly sort of way. I couldn’t seem to tear myself away before reading every line. Maybe your storytelling has a tad bit of woo woo doing for it, or you just have a knack for spinning the juicy bits of your travel experiences into readable material.
    Personally, I think alcohol and male machismo took hold. You two were having a ‘throw down.” If this keeps the conversation going, then by all means kick “normal” to the curb, and let bar stool rapport take over. Who knows what can happen, and please hurry up and find out. You’re on a roll.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol. If you met me you wouldn’t think that I was into martial arts. lol. I never talk about it.

      Your right, I only covered the juicy bits otherwise this post would be 5000 words long. I was incredibly intrigued by every conversation and overall I felt I learned so much from this guy. Thank you for the kind words!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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