The pros and cons of gaming…What I learned eliminating alien and terrorist threats

As a kid/teenager I was never really bothered too much about sports and honestly didn’t really know what a gym was until I was about 19 years of age. I’ll be the first to tell you that on my first time I didn’t go willingly unless it was a side mission on a PlayStation game!


Terrorism and alien invasions DO NOT wait for you to get fresh air…


I was your average kid who loved nothing more than to spend a beautiful fair weathered day inside playing PlayStation. I had so much dedication and focus towards my goal of destroying terrorist and essentially saving the world from threat of destruction or slavery from the incoming Russians, Chinese and/or alien armies (I’m sure it’s the other way around for Russian, Chinese and Alien war games) that there really was no time to go outside and get Vitamin D. Perhaps I could of setup a series of mirrors…

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I mean anyone under the age of 45 – 50 knows what it’s like to be addicted to gaming. I still truly believe that playing games have trained me to be the fast thinking problem solver and multi-tasker that I am today. Reason being to beat certain levels on hard and ridiculously hard you really have to think quick making multiple decisions on the fly in a short amount of time. It also trained me to not be afraid to try different strategies, adapt to any situation and most of all not give up. By not giving up I mean sometimes I would spend 4 hours sometimes longer trying to beat a single section of a game.



Many innocent Xbox controller’s lost their lives so that worlds could live…on Xbox.


Many hours lost diffusing threats and diverting crisis

Of course, there are many downfalls to playing games such as the amount of time wasted completing the same levels over and over again. You can literally lose hours, days, weeks and years to playing these games as they get more competitive and the quality reaches new levels every year and evil game developer’s look to use advertising in their games, therefore, making them more addictive and time-consuming. Damn marketer’s ruining everything!

Another major downfall is that depending on your style of gaming and what your friends like to do it can be socially damaging as it was for me.



Terrorism and alien invasions wait for no social life!


My social life in late teens and early twenty’s was thriving even though I would work away for weeks at a time. I don’t necessarily think it was because of my beaming personality but more because of my beaming wallet and my ability to throw money around without a care in the world. I’m a giver, what can I say (Lady’s…who am I kidding no woman would read this!).




So basically, from the time I would fly back home to recover from working non-stop for a couple of weeks, I would play games up until the weekend. I thought at the time this was a relaxing/fun activity. Which it is physically, but mentally you are sprinting a marathon in a made up war zone…which tires you out even more, therefore making me too tired to converse with housemates, friends and what have you. Eventually, the old friend’s list would shorten and devolve to acquaintance list but I had a few other serious things happen during this time that contributed to me detaching from the world (Story for another time). Essentially this is manageable as long as you stay aware of it and make the effort.

Unless you were into online gaming which I only picked up in my late twenty’s as it wasn’t worth it for the small time frame I actually had to play games due to work rosters.



Counter-Terrorism and alien attacks are good for relating and bonding with your kids…


Online gaming is actually a good way for the Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers to relate with their kids as my Aunty Lynn (RIP) explained to me a few years back. My Aunty Lynn who if alive today would be about 72 years old was an avid gamer. Obviously, this wasn’t from her own interest but more to relate, bond and hang out with her grandchildren. She was naturally competitive and smart from her days in netball, basketball, and rugby. She had her own online Xbox gaming account and played games on her phone.


She explained to me that to actually trying to find out about how the kids day went was more challenging than learning how to destroy aliens on Xbox. It was a way of spending hours of quality time with the kids in a relatable way. They would open up a lot more about how their lives were going as they were having fun and semi-distracted while talking. It was also convenient as she lived about a 30-minute drive away.

Terrorism and alien invasions are disruptive, even heroes need a break to reload, revive HP and charge their Souls.


Gaming is evolving, one-day HERO’S will have to be physically fit to avert a crisis. Everything should be done in moderation but to say gaming doesn’t have its benefits is NOT accurate. There is going to be times when the game console, iPhone, and tablet are going to have to go into hiding especially for kids/teens but It truly does have its benefit’s. It may be disruptive to one’s life in some ways but at the end of the day, it is where we are headed. Games are slowly but surely making their way to having a decent physical aspect to them. It is exciting to think about how far they can take Virtual Reality especially with the technology they have already coming out today.

Screw living on mars! Invent a virtual reality sex game and say goodbye to an overpopulated Earth…I have all the answers!


As for Skynet…you could get hit by a bus tomorrow. So why worry!?!

Yes, gaming/computers are taking over our lives but if it wasn’t gaming/computers it would be something else. The next big thing is always the end of days! I’m sure the same was said about the transition of horse cart to automobile and swords/arrows to guns/tanks. At the end of the day, your life is as good as you make it, if you don’t think it will benefit you then I’m sure you will decide to not do it.


The future looks bright…and grim depending on the threat!


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