A Morons Rant: The generation of lies, steroids, attention seekers and inability to google fact check. Part 1

I think every man, woman and child can name a person that is so full of it, that the excess literally falls out of their mouth while in the presence of others. Why are you looking at me? In my opinion, these morons actually hunt in packs. Their prey is usually someone on the same level that is willing to scoop it up off the floor, re-consume it until they are full and then carry on the process around new victims. If only you could monetize this type of bullshit It would be the perfect and highly effective pyramid scheme…as shit falls downhill…


Now that I am near oh so nearly 30 years of age, having worked in an industry with bullshit overload and a number of willing participants to spread the misguided bullshit word across rooftops, mountains and in some cases Oceans I think I have valid opinion’s on the subject.


Here’s the thing about these things….


The problem is everyone wants attention BUT most people are too lazy to do the right thing’s for it. Attention is held by those doing great things for good reason.


Now my problem always was that I was lazy when it came to doing things I didn’t want to do, such as showing up to my high paying deadbeat job and also paying bills. I’m sure if you have read any of my other posts you are aware of how much I hated my job as I was unfulfilled and you just have to look at all the red colored bits of mail sitting on my table face down from someone called final warning. Also, an army of debt collector’s door knocking in their search for me in Australia…I’m in Thailand, haha jokes on you!


Naturally, to cope with the job that paid the bill’s and the moron’s associated with the job…the bill’s too, I guess… I had to find things such as hobbies which is why I decided to put my rant on paper. Talking shit specifically about other people while drinking beer was never really my game but it has turned into the preferred past time of the typically lazy.


Anyone that knows me knows I luurrrve drinking and talking about funny stuff. This would include times in my life where I totally embarrassed myself (pretty much every time alcohol touched my lips!), times I hurt myself doing stupid things (pretty much every time alcohol touched my lips! Currently nursing a knee injury from some casual parkour in Kathmandu…) and expensive thing’s I broke (pretty much every time alcohol touched my lips). You can only do this with similar select few, which I think are called friends…which is also why I had to pick my battles with people/personalities and realize that some people couldn’t handle my REALNESS or perhaps I just can’t please everyone!


My problem always was that I don’t like talking myself up but flying under the radar sounds like fun…unless it’s this blog of course!


The fact that I don’t like talking myself up is the very reason why I don’t fit in with typical group conversations as my tolerance for fake people was and is quite low. I guess it was because I used to see it go on so much that I didn’t want to be like them. Perhaps, also because I am terrible at telling stories where the outcome was not negative in a funny way, just seems a bit dickish…at least to me! In fact, to tell a positive story about myself I used to get a little twitchy, which I’m sure you will agree is just sad. Probably some undiagnosed psychological problem caused by my childhood. The strangest thing, I will not lie!


To promote yourself without actual physical evidence of this occurring is not my idea of a good conversation or a good story but unfortunately, that is just how this world works…for now!


Now just keep in mind that each case is different and I am a very social person when I like someone and am tolerant of people telling bullshit stories and puffing their chests out BUT I have to really dig deep to contribute. Normally a prepared one-liner such as “that was a great story” or a fake laugh is the best I can muster.


I could be totally wrong but my opinion is that if you are good enough, people will talk. This is one of my sayings/mindsets that I keep in my head and try to live my life by. Unfortunately, in a workplace or at least in my old industry they no longer reward work ethic and skill sets. It is the ability to consume from both ends and the willingness to “work hard” in confined spaces such as underneath desks…if you know what I mean!


Is telling a good story an experience you had or just bit’s and pieces from 5 different Jean Claude Van Dam movies? Depends on who you talk to!


Older guys were the worst for it and I’m sure when my body is broken and I am no longer able to prove myself physically I will turn to the same embellished stories and it will be the next generations turn to tell me I’m lying.


I have pre prepared this story for when the day arrives…I knew a guy that knew a guy, that had a girlfriends uncle, that was in the special forces, became a biker, is now the head of the entire biker gang, after killing his step dad for killing his real father. His name was Jax Teller and he was head of the Sons of Anarchy. Don’t believe me, that’s fine, just don’t google it, they kill anyone that does…Using tracking pigeons with machine guns.


Having experience in martial arts training (My sloppy out of shape training Video) I can kind of tell if someone has any idea what they’re talking about when it comes to fighting just by looking at how they move and how they carry themselves. Hot tip to all you pretenders, it’s always the nice ones that are straight up killers either because they had got into trouble once upon a time, they have nothing to prove or they simply just didn’t want to attract attention to themselves as the “tough guys” egos get hurt rather easy when it comes to this subject. One thing I do know is, the quote “Everyone wants to be a beast until it’s time to do what beasts do” Is bang on the truth! You either got it or you don’t!


So much Bullshit not enough patience!


To be Continued…


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