A Morons Rant: The generation of lies, steroids, attention seekers and inability to google fact check. Part 2

In my last industry there happened to be a “Golden Glove Boxer” on every corner or a person that was “really good friends” with the biggest bikie gang in the country. In my experience, every 3rd older fella I had met or loud mouth young “dude”. which was the cause of my pain, after hearing the same bullshit so many times through out the years. A bit of an exaggeration, of course, not all of them, just a few but everyone seemed to have a bad ass cousin or uncle…that had strangely never been introduced.


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Just the thought of another story has me teasing my wrists with a sharpened homemade Popsicle! Now everybody embellishes a story to make it sound better. I noticed it most with those from the Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Jean Claude Van Dam era! How about a little less “Yippie Ki Yay” and little more proof, please.


The golden ERA of steroids, bullshit and the lack of google for fact checking!


The golden era of steroids and bullshit! This is when movie writer’s found out that larger than life males SELL movies no matter how unrealistic having that size frame is for mobility and athleticism. The thing is back when the normal Joe Blow didn’t have the information we have today at their fingertips you could lie about anything! Don’t get me wrong a big guy on steroids, especially if he gets a hold of you or gets on top of you can spell trouble.


For those that are educated/experienced in the martial arts will all tell you that bodybuilding is a modeling contest, not so much a sport. Bodybuilders are model’s, at the very best supermodels, not athletes, as intimidating as they may look. Sorry nothing against them but taking steroids for aesthetics is simply good for AESTHETICS, not ATHLETICISM! Getting massive looks great but don’t pretend to be athletes unless you decide to get drug tested and compete in a contested sport not spray tan yourself, whack on a g-string and have the best flexing routine on a stage. Again, I have nothing negative to say about it. Each to their own, you look amazing and the women love it!


OK, just one bad thing to say…morons are drawn to it!


I rant because I am so sick and tired of the same muscled up guys that never trained to fight, a day in their lives trying to intimidate and bullshit the rest of us! I have experienced this the last 3 months in a Thailand at a body building gym called Bear Gym! I know I know I shouldn’t be training in a gym specifically for steroid using and competing bodybuilders but it was closest to my apartment and it was so cheap unlike the MMA gyms around town. I  have literally seen some of the biggest guys in the world here that all gave me the side eye look which inspired me to punish the heavy bag, shake the building and come close to blows with some of these Douche bags. The side eye look would only last 30 seconds…as seen in these videos.


It is something that I and everyone else will be dealing with as long as we are alive. As the fruitful testosterone, will always keep males competitive but I will work to embarrass, stare back and intimidate one moron at a time. In an attempt to free the world of naive bodybuilding roid ragers of their Ego’s. Probably the same chance of curing the world of this, as I am finding a needle in a sea of needles…but one must try!


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    1. Yeah, I think most people would agree! I think it takes a “special” kind of person to want to do it but each to their own. Unfortunatley I only skimmed over some of the thing’s that happened but let’s just say that sometimes you can’t just ignore some of these apes!

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      1. I knew a woman body-builder. She acted as if she was better than me. I thought she was deluded and felt a bit sorry for her. I can’t imagine anything more boring than spending all my free time at a gym. Sorry. But there it is.


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