Freedom or Stockholm Syndrome?

I’m back home! In this beautiful English speaking city, nursing my not as bad as I expected knee injury during my escapades in Kathmandu. Being so high in the air on top of buildings with roof top access (Never a good thing for a moron like me) I decided to up the anti, being the thrill seeker I am. Going from level Batman to level drunk Batman as your normal setting of Batman difficulty does not register with my body due to its unstoppable nature…this was just a one off, injury! Hmmm, it’s good to be home, or is it?


After living like a minimalist for a year on my travels in cheap hotels, Air BnB’s and local accommodations, all under the accumulated price of $200 – $250AUD per month not including utilities (which is another $50 – $100). I feel like a fish out of water when I get to Perth. Everything is so clean, well maintained and picture perfect until you see the people. The people are still the same dopey looking Aussies they were a year ago. I get into an Uber as it is midnight and there are no buses to be seen in Perth at this hour.


Still, in a South East ASIA mindset, I’m thinking it will only cost a little more than $20 dollars for a twenty-minute ride to my mother’s house…Wrong Ass-Hole! I say goodbye to the Uber driver and happily start walking to the door. Understandably, no one answers at 2 am in the morning. I pull my phone out and there is an email receipt from Uber, that will be $38 thank you…my jaw hit’s the floor…Followed by a delayed, fucking what!?!


A few days later after a 3-day hibernation eating only 1 pack of skittles I had bought in Singapore and a single 600ml bottle of water I finally wake from what seems like a month. I decide to hit the ground running until I actually hit the ground running and realise my knee is in still in although better, overall, bad shape. 1st item on the to do list, damage report!


I call to make an appointment, come in at 2 pm. I get there, and have the check up, he tells me I’m lucky that it’s only muscular and I’ll be off it for 8 weeks. That will be $85 thanks. Wait, what? $85 for 10 minutes of some stranger explaining to rest it, ice it and buy a compression sleeve?


That’s FUCKING robbery!


I go home thinking to myself, how the hell has this never occurred to me before that we are literally having our money stolen from us and we are happy just accepting that this is just how it is! I had always known it was a rip-off but it doesn’t really strike as hard until you know that the same items and services are not even a 10th of the price in other countries.


As nice as it is being back in Perth, is it really worth the stress of having to do what you hate so that you can maintain appearances, with the other snotty nosed high earners.  That, to be honest, haven’t even hit the half way mark of paying off their own houses. Good God, this is like going to a rape dungeon expecting not to get raped! No wonder Depression is at an all-time high in Western countries!


My brief experience as a much wiser soon to be permanent Ex-Pat has me thinking about all the time I wasted working. No one is getting ahead and those that are, aren’t living their lives with any sense of adventure! Who designed this “life style” and “freedom” that we are so proud of?


They should be shot with a bucket of rusty nails!


Don’t get me wrong it is a beautiful country and there is never a war going on but even if there was, no one would be able to afford bullets. The ones that could, would be in two minds whether to use it on themselves but then I think to myself how brain washed I was and I was the most freedom orientated of the lot. I would travel interstate or international several times a year, unknowingly wasting my money but really am I wasting my money. Who honestly gets rich when you pay for a house with a home loan?

Buying house…Again.

House worth: $450,000

Home loan interest: 4%-7% per year. Average 5% as a figure

Interest per year at 5%: $22,500

Home loan length: 30 years

Interest for the duration of a 15 year loan: $337,500 + $450,000 = $787,500

Interest for the duration of the 30 loan: $675,000 + $450,000 = $1,125,000


I would rather shoot my…off than get involved in any of this. They say 5% per year, which is a nice little figure but it’s actually quite a bit more than that. If 5% is $1.1 million dollars then I want no part of this.


Holy mother of God!

Praise be to Xenu, Ala, Buddha, Zeus or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for making me a complete fucking moron! This is literally on the same level as volunteering for gender re-assignment surgery for research purposes. We literally are “happy” and “lucky” captives in our own home. We listen to everything that we are told and take as positive for our own lives but in actual fact, the government seems like a front for the corporation. Buy a house, car, buy all that junk you don’t need, spend your life working but most of all pay your FUCKING tax or you will go to PRISON.


Government: “Be happy that we let you have this much of a life.”


There is only one thing left for me to do. I must leave the city, I will live the minimalist life once again, this time on a farm with free accommodation. Away from advertising and con artist’s, I will save my money while working and paying the least as possible until my eventual escape. No, I do not want to sign up for your 24-month plan as this has screwed me over time and time again. Off the grid or out of the country! Forever searching for adventure!




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  1. Housing in Perth has sky rocketed. I should say welcome home but guess you are feeling the “shock” of pricings. Asian countries can be cheaper but not Singapore as we are costly too for car and housing. Take care of your knee!☺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I believe Singapore is on par with Australia, currency wise. Very nice city/country though. Enjoyed my time there. I cannot wait for my knee to heal so I can leave again. Only another month and then I wiil be off having new adventures and meeting super interesting people!

      Liked by 1 person

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