The freedom of freedom

Freedom, most associated with America’s motto, is what most dream of. But, who is really free? Us, the Westerner’s…in our nice cars, well lit, well-maintained brick and mortar houses, following our Keto diet’s and strict time schedules, only making time to pay the baby sitter to look after our kid’s because she only accepts cash. So she can go straight to the bar to pay $12 for a drink that only really cost $1.50 but not be able to make car/rent payments causing Anger, Anxiety, and Depression, which led her to the bar in the first place. Ahhh, the good life. Freedumb reigns in our Western countries.



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I have for the first time in my life not been attached to a high paying job, with some of the biggest companies in the world. Most would be scared as I was until it happened, and I wasn’t. I have a chance at a new start and no pressure to fall into line. Like I used to as any job with the company I was with, was considered a really good job. Here’s why…


I’m quite aware that any job you do, whether it is for pain or pleasure, passion or suffering it is generally going to be at best a 60/40 split of enjoyment and endurance. Why is it that we have to do this our whole lives? They say the devil’s greatest trick was convincing the world that he didn’t exist but is that his greatest trick and is the devil really Satan? I mean OK, yes, it is good to get ahead, people have families and then there is the human obsession with shiny things but most are aware that this isn’t the be all and end all aren’t they…or is it?


The devil says yes…doooo it…you know you want it! Worry about being able to afford it tomorrow!


Everyone I talk to knows that they want to be rich and there is a specific formula to making it…Real Estate…. All you have to do is get locked into a 30-year loan and pay it off as fast as you can. It really is that simple, right? But, (always a god damn but) then life it’s you, kids come or you decide you want them. So that 30-year loan, which you had full intentions of paying off in 15-20 years slowly starts to fade to a memory, as your once free…ish schedule turns to “no time to yourself”, and then to “not enough time in a day”. No, I am definitely not saying don’t have kids, not even a little bit as a continuation of the species is probably a humans sole purpose. That, not even evolution can change.


One of the good things my father did teach me during my child hood was to question everything. My first question is where is this freedom that we all hold so dear?


I’m having troubles more so now more than ever, being home, broke and sharing shelter with my mother! Many questions are asked after a long trip away, not just by family but friends also.


What are you doing with your life?

What do you mean you are living life as it should be?

What do you mean you’re not wasting your life?

What are your plans?

Why the hell are you planning to go back for?

Don’t you care?


What most people are thinking but are too afraid to say:

“I don’t care about how much it cost to live over there compared to here, get a god damn job and pay your bills! No, I will not listen to you as whatever skills you picked up such as HTML/CSS coding, online business skills, customer service, SEO, Social Media Marketing knowledge along with a (6000 followers Instagram account), Blog writing and Sales Copy writing. Most of all, I don’t care if you can find a way to earn $600 – $800 online using these skills you have picked up, you can live where ever you want…in the world doing whatever you want. You must come back here, find a job and most of all is be miserable like the rest of us. Life should be misery!”


So, yeah I kind of shocked myself as well as others with all the skills I learned while abroad when I actually thought about it and although I didn’t reach my goal of earning $1000 per month online, as the cost of living, as well as a few failed pricey attempts at business ventures failed. I still sit here with a smile on my face as I know now what is out there, and what is possible.


I am willing to take a major pay cut to do this. Not only am I experiencing the world as a traveler, but I a giving myself purpose and satisfying my need to be different, tattoo free! There is no lying or embellishing stories like I am used to hearing at the bar. There are just people, telling each other about experiences, whether that is business or life. My pet hate is having to listen to someone that hasn’t done something trying to tell me how to do it!


I finally know why I have never wanted to fit in, people that fit in are not my type of people.


The Do’ers

I always struggled to fit in with groups, not because I couldn’t and I’m starting to think now that perhaps I am not an Introvert but maybe I am attracted to people that actually get out there and do things, not just talk about it. Perhaps traveler’s are the Do’ers I have been searching for, no sitting at the bar judging everyone that walks through the door but sharing life experiences with one another and just not giving a shit!


Believe it or not, you cannot drink every day and there are only so many temples you can visit but the fact is you don’t have to live the life that parents and their parent’s lived.


This is a new world and we are free to do whatever we want, why do we have to save our money to spend it on junk with inflated prices.


Quick question, $5000 70inch T.V, $5000 interest off your house or 5 month’s living abroad…


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  1. What is freedom? That is of course a question philosophers have struggled with for thousands of year. I for one, don’t think freedom is related to the material world, although it can very very inhibiting when you have nothing and cannot sustain yourself. On way of looking a freedom is being able to pursue your best self. Maybe… 🙂

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    1. I totally agree, very well said Otto! I for one can say that in my experience having now been on both sides of the coin and seeing/living among extreme poverty overseas that you’re right. There’s a balance. Sometimes you just have to go out and force yourself to be free!


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