World travelers tale: The beginning of true ambitions, laser focus and the option of 6am morning beers from here on out.

30 years of age looms closer, does this worry me, I think not! Why, because I know from here on out I would never have to worry about being locked into a typical job, with a typical company, ever again! All I have in my mind is one goal, my only thought, living abroad and living hard because any other way, in my eyes at least, is not worth living!


As I walk through the streets of Perth, Western Australia. I watch and observe like a stalker…people running late, rushing and stressing over their daily lives. I was once one of these people…


For 12 years I was worried about running late, missing my flight, thinking if I had packed all the things I would need for work that week and most of all stressing over how my life was passing me by. Never again, I always did my best work at night anyway!

What is your occupation sir? I live for a living!


Although, all the businesses and online job opportunities that I had chased during my 8 months abroad, all fizzled out into nothing. I was/am certain that after some time home resting my injured knee and topping up my saving’s account that I would be back soon enough.


Where? Well, after talking to the terrorist {link to post} I had my heart set on Africa. Reason being…I live for a living now!

First thing’s first, get busy hustling…or…something!

I now have a goal, the perfect excuse to get to work. Laser focus, like I had never had before…at least for a job. So now what? Time to make some money, that’s what!


What to do? I knew that, to make sure I was definitely on my way I couldn’t go back to what I was doing as it was just too comfy there and it would be another 10 years down the drain struggling to be happy in life. What should I do?


Being injured, I had little choice but to see what welfare had to offer. I did this without a single care in my mind, as far as I was concerned paying 30k per year tax meant that the government owed me something. After a fairly effortless couple of hours spent lining up and filling out forms, I was told that I would receive a cheque of $540 per fortnight. Kicking goal’s was my first thought, then it struck me, I was well on my way to hitting rock bottom.


For some reason the thought of rock bottom brought smile to my face. I was always known for laughing when I faced a challenge.


For some reason rock bottom excited me more than comfort ever did. If I’m being honest I’d been here a few times before and had the experience behind me of being here several times before giving me the confidence to not only get back on my feet and earning good money again but perhaps this was the turning point in my life where I would finally decide to start getting ahead.


Yes, that is exactly what I would do except, I would do it with style! I would do it with a laptop, sipping espresso martini’s on a beach to start with until I was doing from my million dollar yacht.


The only way it should be done!


I had always feared being jobless, but the fact that I had a goal now of living a good life of travel, laughter and minimalism it did not phase me even for a second. My journey to becoming and having the best life possible was well under way. Even though I was at rock bottom…again!


I would keep on saying to myself that there is only one way and that was up!


I had caught up with some of my friends and to no surprise they were in the same boat as my parents.


Some of the conversation’s would take place:

When are you going to get your life together? When I am ready!

What are you going to do for a job? Whatever I have to?

I can get you another job in the mines if you like? Why do you hate me?

Your crazy! So nothing has changed then!


At this point in my life I had no reason to get angry and carry on the argument, as I would of previous to finding out that there was more to life than just waiting to die and what the hell is with all these waiting lines?


SO here I am once again! With nothing more than a welfare check, a torn muscle in my knee, a world full of opportunities and my signature cheeky smile!


May the carnage begin!


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