Morons Rant: A mindset shift after crossing 30 years off my to-do list

As another day comes closer to its end, I reflect. This time not on wisdom or a fun experience, but of reality. The fact that my knee is healing and my money slowly but surely running out, It’s nearly go time or is it time to panic, as I have lost the motivation.


I had been planning on going close to broke for a while. Believe it or not, it was my intention for a few years at least. I had never really experienced the struggles of being broke as a young adult. Even during the recovery years after a serious accident. I had always had a rainy day fund to support me and as soon as I was ready, I always had a job waiting or at least it was easy enough to make a phone call and a month or two later I would be back to my old ways of wasting money on cars, alcohol, drugs and holidays.


Not this time.


My intention of going broke was to break all trends and bad habits that the good/bad life of high earnings in exchange for a job that I absolutely hated would bring me.


I always loved talking to the older people about their experiences, as they had been there and done it. Whether they had done it well was neither here, nor there. Every single conversation I had, I learned about something new that wasn’t working when it came to getting rich and you guessed it, every single time it came to buying a house, it had a sad ending.


For those that have been following, know of my deep hatred of banks, specifically Loans and Interest. This would slowly bleed into relationship goals becoming less of a priority on the to-do list. Reason being buying suitable shelter is generally the next step in most women’s plans to begin a family. Sorry to a few ladies, didn’t want you to miss out, nor did I want to waste your time…you know who you are and now you know why. Just not yet!


SO, basically I had crossed off 30 years worth on my to-do list, as I flat out refused to go near anything that would tempt me into a mortgage. Again, don’t get me wrong, I would love to own houses but not through an on average 5% per annum home loan.


So now what?


One of my greatest fears had happened last week…I had to reconsider whether I was going to buy a case of beer. I was standing there for a good few minutes umming and R’ing about whether I should buy the full case or just a six pack. This is what I imagine child birth is like…


I was always a happy go lucky type guy. The few that knew me well would describe me as the guy that gave no fucks when it came to the important things is in life. I was easy to please…as long as I had a beer to sort out the important stuff. It led me to writing this post actually!


The fact that the only thing to unsettle me in life was not having the money to buy beer actually stopped me in my tracks. As long as I had enough money for beer I had a smile on my face…


Not food, not shelter, not the warmth of a female friend, not even running out of money…Beer!


I wouldn’t think on it for a few days but eventually it would hit me that the only thing to make or break me was a buzz from a 2 or 3 beers every couple of days. This was the tipping point and the realisation that I was doing it wrong. With all my self-proclaimed smarts/talents and 30 years missing on my to-do list I was literally worried about nothing.


My greatest fear…was…Nothing!


At first, I burst into laughter thinking well now what?


Now that I wasn’t worried about having to eventually assume position with my pants down in front of the bank manager, or worst of all having to worry about keeping a job for an entire 30 years so I could pay off my mortgage, I could continue to pursue something…


Not the “great life” of a bum living off of government payments. A life of being able to concentrate on continually finding ways to make money and loads of it. This was exactly what I wanted but couldn’t figure out how to initiate the right mindset. I had always known that as soon as I was ready my mindset would change. All it would take was a hard decision of how much much beer to buy. Rather symbolic actually.


Stages of Mindset:

-When I was earning 130k plus, I was not interested in anything as I was too comfortable.

-When I was overseas I was worried about having to go back to my old job. So I worked day and night to try and figure out how I could make money.

-Now that I was back home with limited funds I was in hustle mode with one intention, to do well for me.


No more worrying about anyone else, no more worrying about why my boss never asking me to do anything because I needed purpose, no more being unhappy because of boredom, no more completely exhausting myself in the gym because I had nowhere else to use my energy.  It was time to kick goals, It was time to hit home runs, it was time to take that ball to the end zone and for one reason and one reason only…I wanted to!


I’m starting to think that life is good when you not being brain washed.


Gonna get rich! Why? Fuck else is there to do!




If you have a story of your when your mindset shifted then let me know in the comments!

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