Hi, my name Is Jay, I’m a 29 year old and male from Australia, currently traveling through South East Asia. I’m that guy that has been, seen and experienced a lot. Yes, I have a story for most thing’s, sorry to be that guy but I do not brag about the good things in my life because it doesn’t make for a good story, (wouldn’t want to put a dent in your poor ego) but the bad/funny stories do, so that’s what I will do.

I know what you’re thinking, “here we go, someone, blowing his own horn again”. Trust me if I could I…No, the reason for me experiencing a lot is mainly due to the fact that I have earned over $100, 000 a year since the age of 19 and never really invested for the future…if you know what I mean!

Now I’m not bragging but that is an above average pay cheque to be receiving each month and I only had to work 26 weeks a year to “earn” it. So yeah, I have done some stuff and I had a lot of free time and money to do it. Don’t worry, I agree with those that would say too much money for someone that age. Not to mention a late bloomer maturity wise like myself. I do not regret having being paid that much because it has made for a wild ride these past 8-10 years, but as I have learned (the hard way normally) there actually is a price to having too much fun.
You have probably noticed my ego by now…so one last thing not only will I get back to my previous income but I will, in fact, triple and quadruple…at the same time…I’m on a mission to prove the haters and the doubters wrong. So like and subscribe if you want to hang on to my coat tails because I’m getting rich! Putting it out there for the hater’s come at me, Bro!

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This blog will mainly be about my experiences and opinion’s on everything and anything I feel like writing about. Now, believe me, I have some opinions! I will not be everyone’s cup of tea as I am a smart ass at the best of times, which unfortunately I can not switch off. I hope through these posts and sharing of my opinion’s I can help a few troubled people that are similar to myself get through their day a little better. You’re not alone, no one knows how to do life perfectly but if we start sharing where we fucked up and start discussing our problems then that’s one step in the right direction.

They say that you need to make mistakes to encourage growth. Well, I’ve made more mistakes than you can poke a stick at, so hopefully, my insights can explain why it is the way it is. At the very least it will be my way of opening up and letting people into my crazy world, which I actually struggle to do. Also, help me to exercise my creativity muscle as I have never really tried due to laziness, lack of motivation and I was probably resting in a gutter next to a pub’s emergency exit door which I had just met face first.

One last thing I do have Affiliate banner advertisements for Amazon and the like…help a yellow brother out and click on them. It’s still normal price but I get a small kick back to go towards my bad habit of the day. All credit goes to owners for anything used on this site and linked social media. They are used in satire and not for profit.